About Us

Welcome to Brims, a lifestyle brand dedicated to living your life filled to The Brim. Brims was created amongst friends and family to bring you products that can't be found anywhere else. We started our journey with a passion for golf visors and will continue with other apparel items as they become available. Thank you for your support!

Our Story:

Our story started with a colleague introducing the term "brim" to describe a heavy pour after a long day at work. We've all had that day where you come home or head to the bar and just fill it to the brim to put the day away. The saying stuck and we continued filling many to the brim throughout our time together. Unfortunately, that colleague would succumb to the pressures this world can place on the mind and took his own life in January of 2019. Ever since then we've tried to think of a way to honor not only his name, but his wife and two young boys he left behind. That's when Brims was created. Yeah, it's a play on words, yeah you don't spell the bream fish that way, but this brand is about living it up and being different. Taking everything thrown our way and living life to the fullest, or as we like to say The Brim! That's why a portion of all sales will be donated to support the families who have lost loved ones to suicide and hopefully put an end to this tragic epidemic our world is facing.